May 30, 2006

With outsiders eyes

Living in the UK it could be that I cannot clearly see the society that I am part of. So it is nice that to be able to get an outsiders view. Over the weekend I was at the house of a friend who helps teach English, and amougst his pupils are Polish immigrants. For one pupil he asked that she write an essay on how her views on the UK have changed while working here as an excercise in writing English. Here is an extract:
English young people don’t have good examples and the swaps a relationship for TV, computers and playstations. The majority of them don’t want to learn. The level of common knowledge is dreadful. How is it possible that they don’t know where Poland is? A possible cause is that nothing is required from them when everything they want is given to them on a plate, they need make no effort at all to get anything.

A ‘social duvet’ where people get money for nothing makes them lazy. They don’t respect work because life in this country is possible without it. It’s amazing that such a big economically powerful country which has the power to change the face of the world, can let itself waste so big a part of the national budget for people who have chosen an easy comfortable existence without anything themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. My wife is Polish, and she frequently scoffs at the lack of general knowledge in our population - I'm often told that I should know where such-and-such a country is, or what the population of a city is, even young children in Poland are taught that at school. It's a fascinating situation. I'm not sure I agree with the analysis here, but clearly there's a grain of truth somewhere.

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